Silk, the best feeling on your skin second only to skin

Mystical Silk


Mystical Silks came to be through many years of challenge and growth. Jeannine was introduced to silk painting by being gifted a class. More natural holistic living, and energy work is her way of life, using modalities such as color therapy, breathwork, connected touch, and Reiki to name a few. The class opened a new world of delight and she became totally enchanted by the silk and colors. Something wonderful was happening. Realizing how happy and energizing creating with the silk was for her, she immersed herself into creating more pieces. Sharing this beautiful uplifting art and energy sends ripples of joy into the world. Each piece has a message and its own owner.

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Silk silk silk and more silk, an alive and living natural fiber, an amazing creation. A simple silk caterpillar spins over 900 meters of silk in its cocoon and then someone tediously unwinds the thread to weave into cloth. Simply amazing that some one ever figured that out and that the process continues today in our high tech electronic world. Each piece of silk made is hand painted, created and carefully cared for throughout the process. Vibrant colors are one of the arts distinctive characteristics infused with sacred geometry, sacred symbols, clear intention, joy and a wee tad splash of whimsy, each piece truly had its own magnetic attraction.

Beyond Silk Scarves

Silk, the best feeling on your skin second only to skin. There are many many ways have silk with you all the time. Silk can keep you cool or warm. It feels great and uplifts with vibrant splash of color wherever on your body it is – wrist, ankle, neck shoulders hips.

You have the fun and young wrist or ankle wrap fits either well. the neck wrap which is also versatile and fits wrist or ankle also.

Simply Shoulders Silk – is a beautiful silk that is conveniently compact lives in your purse and is ready for that surprisingly cool movie theater or grocery store. No reason not to have one.

Sun Hats – also one of a kind – twists down into its own compact carrying case.

Customer orders –

Specialty orders for all your wants – – head scarves, scarves, sarongs, veils in many sizes and colors can also do logos,

Reiki Table panel -* for practitioners to further enhance the sessions with your clients this energized piece is made especially for you and your work.